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Newmarket Real Estate Update
November 2011

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Newmarket Real Estate Remains Healthy Through October.

This FREE Newmarket real estate report is provided to keep you up to date on Real Estate trends in Newmarket, Ontario.

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Here Is Your FREE Newmarket Real Estate Report To The End Of October 2011.
Newmarket Real Estate Report

November 3, 2011, TREB Market Watch -- With 152 homes for sale in Newmarket and 114 sales in the month of October, Newmarket Real Estate continues to be strong and healthy. The average price of a Newmarket home in October was $414,299, up from October 2010's average price of $367,727. Of the 152 homes for sale in Newmarket, 103 were detached homes, with 66 sales and an average price of $468,368. There were 17 semi-detached homes for sale in Newmarket, all sold averaging $318,700. Additionally in Newmarket real estate, there were 15 condo apartments for sale in Newmarket, 4 sold with an average price of $241,000. Also, there were 9 condo town homes for sale in Newmarket, 8 sold averaging $275,875. Finally in Newmarket real estate, there were 18 attached town homes sold. They had an average price of $342,934.

This FREE Newmarket real estate information can help you make informed decisions and give you an advantage in the marketplace!


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