Monthly Archives: September 2013

More Than A Property

The business of Real Estate is so much more than simply buying and selling property. At Jay Miller Real Estate we take our passion for the business to another level.

Our reputation for getting our clients the very best price with rock solid contracts is just the beginning of our commitment to you.

RE is about connecting and understanding your needs. It’s about being your consultant, giving you advice you can count on–being inspired to create the right strategy for your sale or find the right environment that will bring you happiness.

Real Estate is not just a property; it’s a home for family fun, a home full of love, hope, ideas, friendship, comfort & peace. A place to grow, learn & share, an amazing neighbourhood for your kids, an exciting place to build your business. We believe that the right property can change your life. After all, you’re an individual and we’re excited to find a property that meets your needs.

If you’re buying or selling a subdivision home, a funky creative home, a country property, a condo or a great commercial property – we’ve been there, done that and our track record shows that we can get you superior results because we know that this IS a big deal!

You might be buying or selling an older home, a newer home, a big home, a small home. If you’re downsizing, upsizing or right sizing we’ll help you make it happen.
And of course it’s always about getting you the very best deal.
When you’re selling; we’ve got the systems & experience to sell more effectively.
When you’re buying; we’re inspired to find the right environment for you and your loved ones to thrive.

Real estate is about getting the right price and a rock solid contract but there’s so much more. It’s about you and your piece of the planet.
So do it right. Call The Jay Miller Team – Let’s make it happen!