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Hiring a Realtor – Real Estate Tip

Hiring a Realtor: Individual Agent vs. Team

An Individual agent will tell you that you will get their COMPLETE attention. This sounds great, truthfully it’s tough for a single agent to to give anything the attention it deserves. In order to do a proper job a Realtor must be:

  • A Great Negotiator
  • IT Technician
  • Marketing Expert
  • Social Media Savvy
  • Skilled Networker
  • Home-stager
  • Industry expert on many different local areas, and many many more…

As you know if you are focused on too many things, it’s impossible to do anything well.

The benefits of a highly motivated and trained team is the very best possible service for every aspect of the home buying/selling experience.  It can’t be done by one person alone. Keeping people within their unique ability creates success, and that’s what you require for your Newmarket real estate sale/purchase.