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It’s taken some time, but the Highway 404 extension from Newmarket to Keswick is now open to drivers. The extension has made life easier for thousands of daily drivers who make the commute to Toronto from the townships of Georgina and East Gwillimbury.

This has been a project that has been on the table for decades and it’s seen some delays along the way. Traffic has been active on the new roadway for a few months; many are asking what does the highway extension mean for the Keswick Real Estate market?

We already know that many are privileged to call this beautiful and historic piece of Ontario home. We’ve seen a steady increase Keswick Real Estate values over the years.

This 13 kilometre extension will only help in increasing the ease of the commute to Toronto and parts further south of Keswick. Many people living in Toronto or just north of the city will now look at the
Keswick real estate with the increased ease of commuting. Keswick is also a great place for those looking for small town charm with the convenience of an easy journey to Toronto.

With many vehicles using the highway and taken off local roads daily, you can expect quieter neighbourhoods with much less traffic and ultimately making Keswick safer and more desirable for families.

It’s being suggested that York Region will see a large increase in population within the next 15-to-20 years. This is being triggered by the highway expansion. Those who currently own housing or vacant land could see significant increases in value in the coming years.

We’ve seen populations and real estate values shoot up in other commuter towns in years past after major roadwork has been completed which is probable for Keswick Real Estate as well.

The increase in population should help the local economy in Keswick with sustained growth. Local business owners will benefit from the connection to more commercial and industrial opportunities. Growth in the local economy will lead to more jobs and therefore will play a major factor in the possibility of Keswick Real Estate prices increasing.

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