Selling Homes in Newmarket
Setting Goals to Maximize Profits

Throughout my time working as a real estate agent in Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Bradford and Keswick I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people wanting to sell their homes. I’ve learned that everyone’s story is unique, but can be aided with some forward thinking in the initial selling process.

Newmarket Real Estate 2015Having a strong selling strategy can allow you to maximize your profit. Selling a Newmarket home requires a lot of work, with the right price for the market you’ll dramatically increase the likelihood of a quick sell, you might even get a few buyers bidding on your property. It’s important to review each offer you receive carefully and determine all strengths and potential drawbacks.

An offer is 100 percent negotiable. If you feel you’ve priced your property competitively there’s no need to settle for less money. Working with The Jay Miller Team to present a counter offer will ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. There are various terms that can be reworked in a counteroffer to make it more attractive for both parties.

Everyone is different, it’s important to determine in advance your goals. Selling a property quickly may require a more aggressive price. As mentioned previously, an aggressive price might even generate interest from more than one buyer and create a multiple bid for your property. Having the ability to wait can also result with a higher selling price, but may increase the amount of time the property is on the market. You don’t want to sit too on the market too long as some people will wonder what’s wrong with the home. So it’s important to review your own budgets and goals to determine which strategy is best for you and your family.

It’s not uncommon for Newmarket Real Estate owners to feel insulted when low offers are made. Buying and selling property is a business process, it’s important to leave emotions aside. Buyers will often comment negatively on a home’s decor, neighbourhood, furnishings, upkeeps and various other elements of a home’s assets. Your preferences may not match those of prospective buyers, this can result in buyers justifying lowball offers. There’s no need to be offended, it’s just part of the process and there is often still room for negotiation.

Lowball offers can often be converted to sales. A potential buyer’s lowball offer may seem discouraging, but it can open the door to effective discussion and quick negotiation. At Jay Miller Real Estate, we always say “It doesn’t matter where we start, it matters where we finish!”

Predictions for Toronto and Newmarket Real Estate in 2015

The Christmas lights are packed away for another year and everyone’s now back to work. What will 2015 be like for Newmarket real estate market. Many are predicting that this year will be a year of transition for the Toronto and area real estate market.

The average price for a detached home in York Region in 2014 was $832,537. The average price for a detached home in Newmarket in 2014 was $629,497 (statistics from the Toronto Real Estate Board).

In 2015, I am predicting an average price increase across the board in Greater Toronto of approx. 4%-5%. However I predict prices in Calgary and some other areas to soften so I also predict the average price across Canada will not perform as well as Greater Toronto.

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